Restaurant equipment for Midland varies by the size of restaurant and type of menu.  The first consideration is typically volume of food and drinks served, making sure to account for anticipated growth. Shortly down the list is the question of ‘buy vs. lease.’ Lease is often the winner – making low payments, saving cash flow, and keeping debt off the balance sheet.

One way to look at restaurant equipment is to consider several smaller pieces of equipment to do a job instead of one larger unit of equipment. For example, you may want an ice maker for the bar area and in the kitchen also. You may need several refrigerators, such as a walk-in for large storage and a reach-in for convenience for frequently used items. Such a case is when leasing restaurant equipment makes convenience affordable.

To help you choose the manufacturer that is best for your commercial needs, here’s a brief overview of advantages of major commercial ice machine manufacturers:

Known for large cubes with slow melt times, Kold-Draft ice is an excellent choice for a bar area. The purity of drinks is preserved with a slow melt. In addition, the gravity-assisted horizontal evaporator naturally eliminates impurities that can form in a vertical system, producing cleaner ice. The taste of the ice doesn’t interfere with the drink. Kold-Draft ice machines are energy-efficient and have a five-year parts and labor warranty.

Hoshizaki is the world’s largest ice machine manufacturer. Many restaurants appreciate the choices of a cuber ice machine to be self-contained or modular, based on space available. They also offer ice storage bins that hold from 250 lbs. to 1,650 lbs. of ice. Their water filters reduce up to 99.9% of disinfectant chlorine from the incoming water supply. Hoshizaki is the only food service manufacturer with an international certification for a systematic approach to setting environmental objectives.

ITV offers a variety of commercial ice makers. One of their new products is the Ice Queen range of flakers made of 100% stainless steel. The oversize condenser makes it ideal for hot temperatures. The water content of ice is adjustable, and it is designed to handle tough calcareus water. Their machines use the environmentally-friendly refrigerant, R744. Another eco-friendly initiative is their Renewal Plan which encourages customers with older models to replace their ice makers with new machines that are better for the environment.

Manitowoc Ice
Manitowoc Ice manufactures over 200 models of commercial ice makers. You have many choices whether you need 65 to 3,380 pounds of ice per day. Restaurants can choose from Manitowoc Ice’s crushed and nugget ice to tubular nugget and various dice cubes. The Indigo series includes a monitoring device that helps customers improve energy management, set production levels, and stay on top of cleaning processes and ice quality.

Tips to get the best deal on your restaurant equipment

Regardless of the restaurant equipment you choose, consider the following:

  • Compare terms on equipment whether you lease or purchase.
  • Make sure that everything you need is included in the contract, such as general maintenance and/or cleaning.
  • Understand the options for length of lease, and early termination if leasing. If purchasing, understand terms and pay-off options.

Restaurant equipment for Midland